TIME TO CARE - How to love your patients and your job



If you only read one book about healthcare in your lifetime, whether
you are a patient or a professional, let this be the book.

 Michael Brophy, Irish Society for Quality & Safety in Healthcare.





No time
to care

As a health professional do you feel there's no longer time to care?

Juggling too many conflicting demands?

Your ideals of compassionate patient care being compromised?

That this isn't the job you signed on for?

And you're powerless to change anything?

TIME TO CARE is written just for you


Maybe you are a student studying hard for a career in nursing, medicine or another health profession?

The first clinical placement has you worried.

You’re wondering if your new career will fulfill your hopes and aspirations?

TIME TO CARE is written for you too.


Or perhaps you are passionate about working with health professionals to strengthen caring and compassion?

You are thinking, why is it so hard to change practice?

TIME TO CARE has the insights and answers you need to understand the motives of health professionals.


In today’s beleaguered healthcare system, burdened with epidemic levels of stress, depression and burnout, TIME to CARE offers health professionals the opportunity of renewal.

Here are the secrets to building a happy and fulfilling practice, and enhancing your wellbeing and resilience.

TIME TO CARE is refreshingly life-affirming and utterly compelling - a lyrical outpouring that begins to correct the silence about the things that really matter in our profession. Robin Youngson is an exceptional leader and this book is an exceptional read.

Professor Aidan Halligan, Director of Education, University College London Hospitals 


A magnificent achievement - precisely what is required in healthcare worldwide. I particularly like the fact that it presents the case for both sides: patients and staff.

TIME TO CARE is a practical manual in how healthcare professionals can give life to the value of compassion in their daily practice. A well-presented resource, which will become dog-eared and worn with use over time. It will make a real difference to the outcome you personally experience.

One of the great strengths of the book is the very strong, compelling, evidence base to support the theory. Every medical student should be presented with a copy of this book on their first day in medical school.

Michael Brophy, Council Member,
Irish Society for Quality & Safety in Healthcare.




A health system failing both patients and practitioners

TIME to CARE offers a deeply compassionate and insightful account of a health system that is failing both patients and practitioners all over the world. But there’s more….

Drawing on advances in neuroscience and positive psychology, and tapping the power of appreciative inquiry, Robin Youngson conveys in clear and simple language how health workers can strengthen their hearts, learn the skills of compassionate caring, and rise above institutional limitations to transform patient care. And along the way rediscover their vocation.

“Well researched, beautifully written and deeply inspiring this is one book I would recommend all clinicians to read at the beginning of their careers and constantly revisit many times throughout.” 

Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE
Author of “The Compassionate Mind”


If you are feeling trapped, frustrated and powerless within the healthcare system – this is the book to liberate you.

I really like the book. TIME TO CARE has a very positive appeal, and it covers the topic right from the deeply personal aspects of self-renewal through to organizational aspects of culture change.

People feel so disconnected, so disenfranchised.... practical ways to counter these blights in the system are hugely important.

TIME TO CARE offers the choice of personal renewal, many practical ways to embody change in both individuals and organizations, and a real sense of hope for a brighter future. TIME TO CARE shows us where the light switch is. All we have to do is act.

John Kearsley, Professor of Medicine (Conjoint),
Universities of NSW and Wollongong.


Putting care back
in healthcare

Healthcare is in crisis, all around the world. Too many health professionals are feeling stressed, overworked, tired, and heading for burnout. And the deteriorating working conditions are doing great harm to patient care too.

So how could reading TIME to CARE help? After all, reading a book isn’t going to solve the staff shortages, the overwhelming workload, the funding cutbacks, and the institutional policies that drive you mad.

No, but it will help you remake the world around you and radically change your experience of the system. 


TIME to CARE will teach you how to put the care back in healthcare - and you don’t need anyone’s permission to begin this change. 

“At the critical interface between patient and health professionals TIME to CARE offers some extremely constructive ways of salvaging care in current frenetic health service environments.”

Professor Jenny Carryer
Executive Director
New Zealand College of Nurses


Many would doubt that the author of such a book could really understand the realities of the healthcare working environment. 

Get real!’ you might say, ‘You don’t understand the pressure we’re under!’ 

In fact TIME to CARE is written by a highly respected medical specialist deeply immersed in the culture that he is helping to transform. Robin Youngson has also been an international leader in patient quality and safety, advising the New Zealand government and the World Health Organization. But he’s most renowned for his pioneering international efforts to re-humanize healthcare and strengthen compassion and caring. 

The author has lived out the change that he recommends. He bravely relates his own transition, from a detached clinician to a champion for humane whole-patient care; at times poignant, sometimes funny but always brutally honest. 

“I particularly liked how the book paints a very realistic picture of what it has meant to work in the system and how it needs to be changed. There is great power in the anecdotes that will ring true with both health professionals and patients.”

John Kearsley, Professor of Medicine (Conjoint)
Universities of NSW and Wollongong.


Time to Care sheds light on how a transformation can take place to reinvigorate and re-humanize healthcare, while at the same time reducing costs, medical errors and litigation, enhancing patients satisfaction and safety, and creating joyous, meaningful and fulfilling lives for all healthcare workers.

Using touching real life examples, case studies and practical exercises Robin shows how healthcare professionals can stop feeling like cogs trapped within the wheels of an uncaring system and how, through reconnecting to their own humanity, they can reclaim the noble calling of being of service to others.

I highly recommend Time to Care to doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners, students, patient activists, healthcare leaders, and all those passionate about re-humanizing healthcare.

This book will help you navigate the internal and external barriers that prevent you from being fully alive at work and will add meaning, fulfillment and power to every aspect of your life.

Marc Cohen, Foundation Professor of Complementary Medicine RMIT University.





So this all sounds too good to be true! Is TIME to CARE just another self-help book full of positive affirmations and pop psychology? 

Actually, TIME to CARE is extensively referenced and is based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and whole-person care. The skillful weaving of patient stories and scientific evidence paints a radically different view of doctor-patient relationships and the healing power of the therapeutic partnership. And here is compelling proof that the pathway for happiness, wellbeing and resilience for health professionals is found through reconnecting to the heart of their practice. 

“Time to Care outlines an evidence-based agenda for a highly efficient, effective and compassionate health care system that is healing for both patients and practitioners.

Robin Youngson speaks with great wisdom and authority as a highly trained specialist clinician who has held senior leadership roles in the health system and has extensively researched the literature on compassion, leadership and positive psychology; however, it is his experience as a parent, carer and compassionate human being that shines through the pages of this book.”

Professor Marc Cohen
Foundation Professor of Complementary Medicine
RMIT University


But beyond the opportunity for personal transformation, TIME to CARE offers radically different ideas for leadership and achieving whole-system change in healthcare. And the strategies are illustrated with inspiring examples of positive change occurring around the world. 

“As I read TIME to CARE I became excited, very excited. I was learning things I didn’t know: important new lessons for me as a leader. A gift of crosscutting concepts and new possibilities: the imperative for change, how to do it, and why it must start with ourselves.”

Jim Conway, Adjunct Faculty
Harvard School of Public Health


This book is a gem! Robin has provided the reader with a practical plan to move irrevocably from ‘no-time-to-care’ to ‘time to care’. He’s done so with humour, insight, knowledge and compassion.

TIME to CARE is a fabulous book that provides the blue print for a model of true health care that serves not only the patients but also the good-hearted health professionals who dedicate their lives in their service.

Petrea King, Founder and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation
Author of “Your Life Matters”


Good for your health 

And here’s one thing that sets TIME to CARE apart from so many other books about healthcare improvement:


is good for your health. 


We guarantee that reading TIME to CARE and following the simple practices will make a significant difference to your happiness and wellbeing. If you are not satisfied we’ll fully refund the price of the book. 

We are so sure of the health benefits of TIME to CARE that we have agreed a major international research collaboration with Dr Martin Seligman, the founding father of positive psychology. Readers are invited to join an online community and become part of a longitudinal study of the happiness and wellbeing of health professionals. 

This book could be the most important investment you make in your career, your happiness and wellbeing. 

Tipped to become an international best-seller, TIME to CARE is highly recommended reading for today’s health professionals, students, patients, health leaders, and all those passionate about re-humanizing healthcare.

Last but not least, TIME TO CARE offers you the opportunity to join the international social movement to re-humanize healthcare: