About the author, Dr Robin Youngson


Robin is an anesthesiologist trained in the UK and practising in New Zealand for the last twenty years. He is married with three grown-up children and two grandchildren.

An unassuming over-achiever, Robin Youngson was born in the UK in 1955.

Starting life as an Army brat, he followed his family to postings throughout the British Empire before experiencing the horrors of institutional life in an English boarding school.

In 1977 he graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in engineering, and worked for three years in the highly hazardous field of oil exploration to pay his way through medical school.

Robin has combined clinical practice with many leadership roles in healthcare. He was a founding member of the national Quality Improvement Committee in New Zealand and also advised the World Health Organization on strategies for patient safety and putting people at the center of healthcare.

As a practicing anesthesiologist, Robin has for years been a lone voice on the international speaking circuit for compassionate, whole patient care.

He is the CoFounder of the international HEARTS in HEALTHCARE movement launched in 2012.


All proceeds from the sale of "TIME TO CARE" go towards the Hearts in Healthcare movement. to learn more about Robin and his work, visit the fabulous new Hearts in Healthcare website.


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