More Praise for TIME TO CARE

This is the most gripping, deeply poignant and relevant book that I have read for many years. If you just read one book this year - make it this one. You and your patients will forever be indebted to Robin and his inspirational work. Robin is a transformational leader and this book will quickly and incisively remind you why you entered healthcare in the first place.

Through a rigorous review of the evidence Robin helps us understand that healing is so much more than providing technically competent care. Our patients' experiences and clinical outcomes will be enhanced, our risk of burnout or litigation reduced and our job satisfaction considerably improved if we work together to provide compassionate care. The evidence is now too compelling for any of us to ignore. I warmly commend this book to you.

Dr Alys Cole-King, Consultant Psychiatrist, Founder of 'U Can Cope' suicide prevention movement.


As a Nurse Educator, I’ve been trying to improve both myself, and my effectiveness, learning more about positive psychology and mindfulness, and supporting initiatives such as 'transforming care at the bedside', but I’ve felt worn out, unable to be really effective in changing our workplace culture for the better, and seriously considering leaving the profession.

Dr. Youngson’s book has finally galvanized my thoughts and my attitude. I now feel a sense of peace, that by focusing on my own interactions with others, I can and will make a positive difference, and that this difference may be contagious toward building a happy and fulfilling workplace, enhancing wellbeing and resilience of our staff, our patients and their families.

If you want to rediscover the reason why you became a health professional in the first place, read this book

Leonie Curran, Nurse Educator


I found the book ‘Time to Care’ by Robin Youngson to be fascinating, intriguing and enlightening. I have read the book from cover to cover twice since I received it, I just couldn’t put it down.

I am an Essentials of Care facilitator which is about teaching others to be person centred in their work. I wish I had read this book years ago, as is describes how to care for yourself, your patients and your colleagues. As a facilitator I need to ‘walk the talk’ and this is almost a text book full of how to do this, how to be kind, compassionate, empathetic and mindful of patient’s needs. 

Catherine Lothian, Clinical Nurse Educator, Australia


There are numerous gems and practical solutions throughout TIME TO CARE. 

This is a book about both patients and those who care for them; with a sound evidence base intertwined with the author’s personal and family stories, none of it over-emotionalises the significance of this practical and beautifully written resource. Using a sometimes funny and insightful style, at other times no-nonsense, straight-down-the-middle, his genuine compassion and caring permeates throughout.

This book is a must read for all health professionals and patients and should be compulsory curricular inclusion for all nursing and medical students in order to restore ‘compassion’ as a core value in health care.

Barbara Doherty, writing in New Zealand Doctor magazine


If ever our profession needed this message - the time is now!

Dr Patch Adams, The Gesundheit Institute

'Time to Care' is three important books in one:

  • a moving autobiography from the heartland of healthcare
  • a penetrating scientific analysis of complex systems and mistake-making
  • a really useful and comprehensive how-to-do-it manual

Three for the price of one!

Alistair Mant, Author of the international best-seller, 'Intelligent Leadership'


My book of the week: TIME TO CARE by Robin Youngson. Great passionate book, and practical.

Sir Muir Gray, The Third Healthcare Revolution


Dr Robin Youngson is a really modest, friendly and down to earth guy who also happens to be an inspiring visionary and catalyst for truly compassionate, holistic, mindful and healing healthcare. Through opening himself and his own personal journey to others, he touches the heart of patients, healthcare professionals and hospital managers. As founder of Hearts in Healthcare and author of “TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job” he is a powerful advocate for the transformation of healthcare. I thoroughly endorse Robin and his mission. If you care about people as patients and as their healers and carers, then please read “Time to Care” and join Hearts in Healthcare.

Nicholas Beecroft, Consultant Psychiatrist, The Future of Western Civilisation


Many healthcare staff are discouraged amidst all the negative press about how compassion has been lost in our hospitals. And we know how hard it is to provide consistent compassionate care. Yet here's a positive book that gives us cause for optimism. TIME to CARE tells us change for the better can happen, and how.

The book is very accessible, and the practical steps for change are informed with plenty of inspiring examples. The author does not belittle the challenges of working in healthcare; he understands the difficulties of healthcare staff.  Throughout the book the personal stories illustrate his arguments while bring together a wide range of evidence for the importance of compassionate care, both for patients and those caring for them. TIME to CARE is a positive book to read. I would recommend it to healthcare staff who may be feeling demoralised.

Joanne Goodrich, Point of Care Programme, King’s Fund, London


Time to Care is a 'must read' for clinicians who care about their own health as well as their patients. Also health care administrators. Most experts in patient safety and advocacy already "get it", though its a good read for everyone-providers and consumers of health care. I just finished reading the book and I could not put it down.

I have been practicing with the patient centered approach for over 20 years. Like Dr. Youngson I saw the effects of burnout in myself and others. I have studied varied approaches to whole person care and thought my "tool box" was complete. But reading Time to Care I learned much more in terms of insight and activism which can go a long way towards healing our health care systems and the people that are working under duress.

Time to Care details the causes of many problems which lead to poor outcomes. Other experts have done the same and he quotes many of them. What is different here is the many solutions which Robin puts forth so eloquently with his heart and soul. All feasible, all healing for patients and providers, institutions and communities. I hope this book is widely read and has the effects we all would love to experience when we become patients.

Leslie Farrington, M.D. USA


Dr Youngson's "Time To Care"  tells the truth to power with an engaging blend of narrative and context.  Reading this wonderful book reminded me why I became a doctor. Martin Luther King junior, famously once said that "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". There has been too much silence about the things that really matter in our profession. "Time to Care" is a lyrical outpouring that begins to correct that silence. It's been a long time in gestation and cleverly subordinates conviction and passion to modesty and forebearance. "Real leaders move the human heart"(Warren Bennis) - Robin Youngson is an exceptional leader and this book is an exceptional read.

Professor Aidan Halligan, Director of Education, University College London Hospitals